The perfect size

Does the perfect size exist?

L'importance de la taille

Of course size matters !
You will see that your new KAZARTT belt has 5 holes in its extremity. A perfectly sized belt should close in the 3rd hole, the central one.

As mentioned the belt is 120 centimeters. However, on the contrary to what one may think, this measure does not correspond to the total length of the belt, but to the length between the beginning of the buckle and the central hole of the belt.

To know your belt size, we suggest 2 different methods:

Method 1: Do you have another belt which suits well your waist?

We suggest you to put your new acquisition next to this one in order to know exactly where to cut it.
Note that if the hole you usually use is not the central hole of the belt, THE BELT IS NOT AT your size! In this case, we advise you to move to the second method.

Method 2: Measure your waist size

Don’t worry if you don’t have another belt on hand. First, start by measuring your pants size on which you would like to wear your belt. Note that, if you want to wear it on a high waist pants, the size of the belt must be equal to your waist. However, if you want to wear it on a low waist pants, your belt will need to be longer.

  • 1st step: wear the pants on you
  • 2nd step: Take the tape measure and insert it into the loops of the trousers
  • 3rd step: When the tape measure has gone around the trousers, fix it on the front and take the measurement. This measure corresponds to the size of the belt

If you do not have a tape measure, do not panic, use a string (not elastic) to measure and transfer the length of the string on a ruler. This will give you the measure of your waist circumference.

Now that you know the ideal size of your belt, you need to adjust the size of your new KAZARTT belt. How ?

 Adjust the size of your belt

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