Participate to the creation of our new collection : results

First of all, we would like to thank you for your many contributions! You were almost 150 to tell us whether or not you liked our proposals. We had a great time looking at the results of the survey and reading your suggestions.
Without further ado, here are the results of our investigation:

Le podium

Podium résultats

The clover was your favourite picto, followed by the palm tree and the Barcelona flower. However, do you agree with us that these 3 pictograms are very similar to each other visually and conceptually?
We have therefore gone further in the ranking for the choice of our belts.

Continuation of the ranking

Podium résultats

Cherries and pineapples tied for 4th place, with 60.6% of the votes.
Pink Flemish also pleased 6 out of 10 people. Then come the cactus and the cocktail glass (the “dry month” effect?).

You don’t really like

no os gustan estos pictos

We have received answers from all around the world

mapa del mundo

The buckle

More than 65% of you prefer a silver buckle. That being said, some of you have suggested that we should offer both possibilities when ordering. We will try to make this wish possible. We will keep you informed!

gold or silver buckle

You brilliant ideas

And we save the best for the end. Here are all your ideas and suggestions. We have noted them all, we will analyze them and of course keep them for the rest of the adventure!

Kisses, a bunch of grapes, wine glasses, cupcakes, cookies, strawberries, bananas, old school phone, astrological signs, a thimble, turtle, tennis racket, tree of life, planet Earth, a dragonfly, a bee, a cupcake, a crunchy apple, cats, flower, stylized little character, the infinite symbol, star and/or little heart, toucan, parrot, parasol/Umbrella, pump, sunglasses for women, suns to light our days in Belgium, vespas, skiing, question marks, the biceps of “We can do it”, suitcase, vespa from the front, a small fish (the shape with the bones), origami bird, lotus flower, chili pepper, fox, eye, umbrella, cup, ring, fan feet, moon, an eye like fatma eye, a rose, a sewing machine, knitting needles, thimble, ice cone, strawberry, tree leaf, butterfly, foot steps, dolphin, spiral like snail, apples, monkey, lion, tree leaf, mussel, suitcase, travel bag, sneakers, other abbreviations of men’s models, triskell, peace & love, small birds, bicycles, bikini, flip flops, bulb, world map, gift, foot, 2 glasses of cava, @, watch, swallows, horseshoes, personal zodiac sign, characters, glass of water, pink, camera, unicorn, shooting star, feet, thumb raised, the acronym “feminine” simply, umbrellas, plane, globe, moon, rollers, a DJ, high heels, a mouth, a lightning bolt, a feather, Yin & Yang, the sign “infinite”, a whale, points, hearts, arrows, cats, sushi, lipstick, bikes and skate.

To conclude

Some messages that did not leave us indifferent:
“Such a great project!”
“You guys rock !”
“Good luck and good fun ;-)”

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