Our ethics, our commitments

Firstly, flashback on the evolution of fashion

In the world in general, but more particularly in Spain and southern Europe, the development of big brands and globalisation have had a negative impact on local employment, the environment and fashion in general. Did you notice that before, the big brands only offered us 2 collections a year (winter and summer)? Now, we are used to be presented 52 different collections every year? This is called fast-fashion (comparable to fast food).

It is therefore logical that a counter trend quickly emerged from Spain: the slow-fashion. The objective is simple: to offer an alternative, sustainable, environmentally friendly and timeless. Take care of yourself, our Earth and consume in a conscious and responsible way.

KAZARTT team in Alicante

The workshop

The workshop with which we have decided to work is located in Alicante, Spain. This region is known worldwide for its know-how in leather working and artcraft.

We chose to work with them for 3 main reasons:

  • A family company and on a human scale, close to their clients and available;
  • Their commitments to climate issues and compliance with all European standards;
  • Their know-how;

Our partner has been specialized in the creation of belts for more than 30 years: a know-how that is passed on from father to son.


Our ethics: creating sustainable and environmentally friendly products

Our products are all created from sustainable raw materials and in small series. We use non-toxic products with a low CO2 impact and an environmentally friendly finishing process.

A manual work and a know-how that is passed on from father to son. This means that KAZARTT offers you a sustainable finished product of high quality.

I made your belt

Local manufacturing and fair-trade

Our belts are 100% handmade in Spain

We are proud to work with local collaborators for each piece of our belts:

Our leather comes from Italy and comes from the food chain. Treated with non-toxic products and in compliance with the new European REACH* standards (know more).
The buckle is manufactured in Elche (in the Alicante region). The assembly is done in Petrer (also very close to Alicante). And even our packaging, a 100% natural cotton bag is made and printed in Elche (Alicante).

All our partners have proven experience of many years in their specific field. Every piece of our product is selected and treated carefully by expert’s hands. And that’s what makes KAZARTT belts a high quality product.

Now that you know more about our ethics, do you want to know more about the atypical side of the brand? The origin of the name, the team and our meeting? 

Our atypical side

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