Participate to the creation of our new collection

Amandine showing our materials

Hey girls !

You liked our belts for men and many of you asked us for the same original and colourful belts but for women. We listened to you and even more than that! Indeed, in order to create a belt that looks like you, we would like to create it WITH you.
To do this, take a few minutes to give us your opinion on our proposals for the new engraving patterns. But before that, a little reminder for those who would not know us yet.

KAZARTT ? Little reminder…
Launched in September 2018 with the aim of breaking an ancestral clothing routine that our men have, KAZARTT wanted to reinvent the belt and give it a second chance.
Forget the dark and unpersonalized belt. We have brought you a collection of 25 original and colourful belts that can be adapted to all sizes and styles. Our first 6 months of activity were a real success: you liked the quality of our belts and their originality.
Patrick wearing a blue KAZARTT belt
Help Guillaume and Amandine
Design your KAZARTT belt !
Today, you are more than 3000 to follow us on our different social networks. We want to give you the opportunity to collaborate and help us with our new collection. You will find hereunder a webform where you have the possibility to tell us if yes or no you want this picture on your belt. Ready ?

If you can’t see the form properly, try with another browser (preferably Chrome) or go to this page.

Thank you for your participation!

Please, help us spreading the word with your friends!

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Do you want to know more ?

If you want to know more about our philosophy, our team and our workshop, visit this page

And to know more about WHEN will be launched the women’s collection, check our planning on this page.

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