Once upon a time… KAZARTT, an atypical brand

Break your clothing routine with a KAZARTT belt

Although the belt has become an inevitable fashion accessory, we noticed that in the office or in the day-to-day life, people are wearing the same type of boring belts. So at KAZARTT, we have planned to break your clothing routine by inventing belts high in colours.

origine of the name KAZARTT

The origin of the name

KAZARTT comes from the combination of “Casual” and “Smart“. Our brand directly targets men who want to dress smart and stand out from the mass.

That is the reason why KAZARTT offers you an original, colourful and unconventional fashion accessory.

The KAZARTT team together with the manufacturers

Mrs. Cassart, a source of inspiration

The name KAZARTT is also a wink to the late grandmother of Guillaume, one of the founders of the brand. Her name was Mrs. A. Cassart. She was a cheerful woman; welcoming everybody irrespective of their colour, orientation or origins. Always grateful and happy to see her family growing.

She left us at the age of 100, 2 years before KAZARTT was born. However, she remains for us a daily source of motivation, inspiration and open-mindedness.

Team KAZARTT Guillaume Loiseau and Amandine Leman

The team: Amandine & Guillaume

People who know Guillaume might say that he is hyperactive. But Guillaume describes himself more like a curious person, who always wants to discover new things. Routine is definitely not his thing.

Amandine, nobody has never seen her without her bum bag. She is an extrovertwho discovered yoga few months ago which now helps her to control her energy.

In the KAZARTT project, Amandine and Guillaume are nicely complementary. While Amandine is taking care of all the creative parts, Guillaume is in charge of the operations, logistics, website and promotions.

But how did we get to know each other ?

KAZARTT team at Tibidabo, Barcelona

Our story

It can sound like a sitcom, but our story, like our belts, is original 🙂

They met in a plane: Amandine had the corridor seat and Guillaume the window one, with a person in the middle. Few minutes after the take off, this guy in the middle moved to another seat and let them alone. Amandine and Guillaume started talking to each other and realised that, while they are both currently living in Barcelona, they’re coming from the same town of Belgium, 1500 km away. Which is the 1st coincidence. 2nd one is that Amandine has a lot of experience as a fashion designer and Guillaume was thinking at the time about launching a project in that field; but without any clue about this specific world.

So few coffees later (and occasionally some Gin& Tonics), the project slowly took shape. In March 2018, they already had a clear vision of their collection and officially started collaborating. In September 2018, KAZARTT was created.

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