How to remove a stain on a leather belt

How to remove a stain from a leather belt

Leather has a natural protection. However, it might happen that some liquids leaves some stains on it.

If it’s the case, there are several solutions to remove the stain. Here are 3 natural solutions to clean your leather:

  • With Cotton and moisturizer
  • With white vinegar
  • Oil and lemon

    Method 1: Cotton and moisturizer
    As we explained in the article on “How to care for your belt”, leather is a living material that, just like your skin, needs to be moisturized.
    And so, just like your skin, a little moisturizing milk should do the trick to give it back its original shine.
    Start by rubbing your waistband with your cotton pad to remove any dead particles. Then add a little moisturizer and repeat the action.

    Method 2: White vinegar, the ultimate stain remover
    If the first method removes the smallest stains and gives a beautiful color to your belt, this second method aims to attack directly the stains.
    Vinegar is a natural product that by nature is very effective against grease stains.
    Select a white vinegar and dilute it with the same amount of water to avoid having a solution that is too acidic for the leather.
    Apply the solution on your belt with a cloth or a cotton. Insist on the stain.
    Then dry your belt with a dry cloth.

    Method 3: Natural oil and lemon
    Like vinegar, lemon is also a natural degreaser.
    This time, we will mix it with oil, which will moisturize our leather.
    Mix one part lemon with two parts oil
    You can use any natural oil: olive oil, nut oil, coconut oil, …
    Apply your solution on a cloth and rub your belt. Apply your solution on a cloth and rub your belt. Insist on the stain, but do not forget to pass your solution on the whole of your belt, to avoid the differences of color.
    Leave it on for a few seconds before drying your belt with a dry microfiber cloth.
    These 3 methods can of course be used on other leather products: shoes, chair, steering wheel of your car, bicycle seat, etc.

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